Working on an RPCG: Role-playing Card Game

Hello BGDL community, 

My name is Grant Gorsegner and I am an amateur board game designer working on a Role-Playing Card Game called “Illevar.”

I publish and display most of my progress on Milanote (link below) and on my personal blog (link also below).

I am hoping to get feedback on the project as well as get suggestions for ways to improve the game. It is most easily described as a stream-lined TRPG that uses cards to show everything from PCs, NPCs, Monsters, Items, and Abilities. The game will come with a pre-made campaign as well as a core rulebook for making characters, running the game, and creating personal campaigns set within the game’s world/rule system. 

Please look forward to more posts as the work transfers from my notebooks into the digital realm.



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