The Process – Vote for a Game HERE

Now comes the part where you take control. I’m looking to you to share your thoughts and opinions on which game to make. Each game holds a special place in my heart or head. Outriggers was the first game I collaborated with someone. A process that I thoroughly enjoyed and part of the reason I wanted to share this journey publicly. Shipping Goods (I still cringe every time I type it) was the very first game I attempted to make. Il Palio was an experience I shared with my wife and we still talk about it.

I have created a group to keep track of everything. It’s an open group so come on in and join the conversation and share what game you want to see made!

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Design Theory
Carla Kopp

In Depth Design: Venice

If you haven’t played Venice by Braincrack Games, you can check out the BGG page or this video by Gaming Rules! Venice is a really neat blend of worker placement and pick up and deliver. In Venice, you’ll travel around Venice in gondolas, leaving assistants at most of the locations you stop on. Each time

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Design Theory
Joe Slack

10 ways to come up with brilliant game ideas

Everyone loves a good top 10 list, so I thought I would put together a list of my 10 favorite ways to come up with new board game ideas. I’ve mentioned some of these methods in The Board Game Designer’s Guide but I’m also going to add some new ideas here. 1. Play lots of

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