Heavyweight Championship Playtesting Event

The Haunted Playtest: Get into the Spirit! A playtest event dedicated to longer/heavier games. Join the community and help your fellow designers and get you big game tested. We meet once a month. There are 3 sessions you can participate in, serving different time zones.

The Great Chase!

This is the Kickstarter Launch Date of my cooperative strategy game: The Great Chase!

Break My Jam – Summer Game Jam

We are super excited to announce the 3rd Break My Jam – Game Jam! (June 11 – 27). Tickets and details below: TICKETS Registration is open now through June 10th. Registering will give you a cool ‘Jammer – Summer 21’ server role, and access to all the Game Jam channels when they go live. Register…

Finally here

Funny. I had tied to sign up for BGDL+ 3 times after the announcement and it never worked. I reached out to Gabe/Support and finally got registered. Coming into this fresh, with a fledgling community migrating from the big FB to a stand alone campus, has inspired me to get back on my design horse…