Tabletop Simulator

There probably won’t be a lot here going forward, but who knows?

Currently I’m working on the TTS version of a new game for a company that I’ve worked with in the past on such things. I don’t know how much I can say currently – it’s been announced but they haven’t said anything publicly about the digital version.

Working in TTS is a mix of fun and chore that much programming and development is, so no surprise there. Every new project (this is my eleventh) forces me to learn more programming and graphic skills and hopefully moves me further from “hack” and closer to “designer”.

I still try and avoid having to learn Blender though so I outsource almost all of the 3D design bits to a friend of mine. If he joins here I’ll give him a shout-out.

Well, welcome to BGDL+ everybody!

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Carla Kopp

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