I love writing small stories in a fantasy setting in my free time. Sometimes I write a small intro for someone’s game as well. So I decided to write shortstories about the characters in my game Portals. All shortstories are happening at about the same time and are intertwined with each other. If some names or places are unclear it will become clear by reading the other stories. I don’t know if there would be a lot of people interested in this, but I love writing them and if at least one person enjoys them. English is not my main language, so sorry if there are any spellingmistakes. I will offcourse let these stories be checked before we put them on our website or any other platform.

If you have any feedback or you liked the story be sure to let me know!

Foxling of Darkwood

A cold wind is howling through the Black Walnut trees rocking the branches back and forth like the tide. For a split second it looks like the entire forest is coming alive. A flock of crows rises up above the forest and is carried east by the wind. Wild boars and other habitants of the forest leave their home and run deeper into the darkness of Darkwood. One fox stands still at the center of the wild commotion staring with a dead gaze straight forward. The bright orange fox with a white tip at her tale, stands on her back legs. She wears a green linnen shirt and a worn out leather coat. Across her back is a longbow and a quiver containing around twenty arrows made with the finest feathers of the Mountain Bluebirds inhabiting the forest. Around her waist is a belt with a moon buckle and two small bags.

“It’s finally here. I must warn the others.”

She puts her hand in the left bag and gets out a small whistle. Blowing the small metal pipe creates high-pitch noise that resonates between the trees. After a couple of minutes a small group of five persons gather around the fox. It’s the strangest bunch of people one would find within the entire Freiland borders. An icy-blue colored orc carrying a large warhammer, a male fox with a set of small knives inside a large belt across his shoulder, a dark elf with long white hair with long mages robes and two identical looking dwarves wearing heavy armor and two handaxes each. The two foxes look each other in the eyes and nod. The dark elf steps forward and greets the fox.

“I know Foxlings don’t sleep during the night, but some of us do. What was so urgent you had to use the whistle at nighttime, Marian?”

“Another one has just opened at the west border. We need to act fast if we want to get in before troops setup their defenses around the Portal.”

The entire squad looks at each other and nods determined.

“This is our only chance”, the elf says. “It is now or never, everybody be on your guard and don’t mess up! You and Basil lead the way, we’ll follow from the ground.”

Marian and the other Foxling jump onto a firm branch and start jumping from tree to tree. The rest of the companions follow them running through the dense forest while avoiding the low-hanging branches, jumping over big roots and climbing rock walls. You wouldn’t tell by looking at them, but they’re quit agile despite the weapons and armor they’re carrying. For years they’ve lived at the Darkwood borders and they know every tree, rabbit hole and rock like the back of their hand.

Marian stops at the edge of the forest. A purple light shines on the bright orange fur of the Foxling creating a beautiful burnt sienna glow as she looks at the Portal. In some way this gateway is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Starting at the center of this Portal is a dark purple swirl of lights creating this oval shaped figure. At the edge of this oval, bright yellow sparks emit from the Portal like a blacksmith is busy making a piece of armor just behind the Portal. This purple, oval shaped, doorway makes connection to some of the other Portals in Freiland or even with some other worlds entirely. These worlds can contain all sorts of treasures, magic or creatures and that’s the entire reason for the current war in Freiland. All the different races from various locations in Freiland forge and destroy alliances as they seem fit, to gain control over every Portal in Freiland. When the first Portal appeared it was used for exploring and trying to find something where everybody in Freiland could benefit from. Nowadays Portals are just used to gain some new advantage over the enemy or even to be able to travel directly into the enemy’s Stronghold and fight them from the inside.

Ten Spore scouts riding boars have already arrived at the Portal. Marian signals the group to come closer. One of the twin dwarves whispers:“Looking at those boars it seems like the Spores have made an alliance with the Giant Hill Dwarves. We need to watch out for those tusks, they’re lethal in close combat. I suggest creating a diversion and taking them out from a distance before engaging the Spores.”

“Okay,” Marian says, “you create a diversion” and she points to the dark elf. “Then Basil and I will bombard them with a wave of arrows and knives”. The other Foxling nods and takes two small knives in his paws. “After that, you guys come out of these bushes and slice your way through towards the Portal.” The Orc and Dwarven twins bob in agreement. “Nobody tries to be a hero here, when we created a way to go in you don’t hesitate, just run through.”

While they’re discussing their plan Marian and Basil prick up their ears and turn their head towards the forest. A trembling sound is coming from within the forest.

“The Darkwood forces are already here! It’s now or never.”

The dark elf waves his hands and thunderclouds start to form in the sky. The rumbling sound of thunder fills the air and lightning strikes at the center of the scouts. The boars startle and start running in different directions. Two Spores are thrown of the back of the boars and the beasts run away into the fields. Marian and Basil are shooting arrows and throwing knives at the boars. Two of the animals get struck in the legs by the knives and fall down, unable to get back up. Three of the other beasts got pierced by arrows in their lungs. Ruby-red blood starts poring out of the wounds and they’re slain immediately. Then the Orc and his two little companions storm the scattered scout-party and slice and smash the Spores to shreds.

“Now! Run for the Portal” Basil screams.

Everybody starts sprinting for the gateway. Finally freedom is within their grasps, a second chance, a new beginning. After all these years of being on the run, just trying to survive, they have an opportunity to start over fresh. The dark elf jumps through the Portal together with Basil. Marian shoots down some of the remaining Spores as the Orc en the twins are running for the exit. A single spear soughs through the air piercing one of the Dwarves heavy armor. A shriek emits from the Dwarf.

“Brother nooo!” the other Dwarf shouts.

“There is no time!” Marian yells “He knew the risks. We need to go now!”

She fires the last arrow from her quiver to kill the Spore who threw his spear. The Orc jumps through to the other side. The Dwarf wipes away his tears as he turns to the gateway and goes in. Marian takes one last glance at the scenery before entering the Portal, knowing that this is the last time she will ever see the beautiful province of Freiland that she once called her home. Before she is fully engulfed by the purple light she sees the army of Darkwood emitting from the forest and at her right an army of Spores and Dwarves are entering the battlefield.

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