Party Together – A Plumbum Post

Ah man. I’m late. I like to do hear over the weekend and I was just too busy. Over the weekend I had to attend a work party that replaced the Christmas party our general manager never threw after promising he would (8 months later doesn’t count, it’s closer to the next Christmas that the one you couldn’t be bothered to at least hand out gift cards for) and my own birthday party. I don’t know about your career fields, but in the trades, Christmas parties are a BIG deal. So the fact that this was was just dumped and forgotten is pretty remarkable. 

Anyway, game design. 

So I completed the data for my prototype deck of cards, at least the base info in it, that will be drawn at the start of the players’ rounds. I also tried to put it on InDesign, and realize I have some training up to do for that program. I guess I’ll look for some info on YouTube or something. I mean, I got the data merge to mostly pull the data from my excel file, but none of the icons came over, so I gotta figure out why that is. Maybe wrong type of file? Or wrong form of file path in the excel sheet? And, also, it just looks super bare bones; I need to play with colors, shapes and just general design ideas.

Anyway, I did get a lot done this past week. Which is good because, while I will keep at this in some minor way, I am currently working on getting ready to take my plumbing license test. I have been working toward this for over four years, and I don’t want to put it off just because I have a new interest. So wish me luck, I’m sure I’m a couple weeks I’ll say whether I’ve taken and passed it. Unless I fail, and then you won’t hear nuthin’. Have a good rest of the week!

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