Painting and Parades and Wrestling

It’s been a bit and while I’ve been actively working, my designing has had to play second fiddle to life for a bit.  I attended the Bits and Boards (?) convention that was held online a few weeks ago and while I wasn’t scheduled to present anything I was able to demo my Painter’s Palette prototype on TTS for a designer in the UK and for one of the guys running the convention.  Both gave me some great feedback, but I have to find the time to implement it.  Usually I do my best building work in the fall and winter when there isn’t much to do in PA.

I’ve also been thinking about two other designs lately.  I have actually four items dancing around in my head.  Painter’s Palette is the closest one to being something tangible.  I have a rough prototype for my parade game.  I developed a design document for a 4x style Crimelord game, but lately I’ve been reading a book called the Death of the Territories as at one time I was an indy pro wrestling manager, writer and booker for a local promoter.  I really missed that and this book has given me an inspiration along with my experience for developing a possible area control/deck building game to mimick what its like to compete as an indy promotion focusing on the business simulation aspect of it since kayfabe is not really existing anymore and the workings have been exposed for 20 years now.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately…more to come..

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