Isul the Genie of the City of Lights

“Another one has appeared Your Majesty. This time it’s located northeast from Giant Hill right at Darkwood’s front door.” The King scratches his beard as he is staring over the city in his fine linen tunic. Even though it’s night, the illumination of the mage-lights makes the city clear as day. All the lights in the city are powered by magic from every magic-wielder inside these walls. The reason that is possible is because of the quantity of people gathered in the City of Lights. The mages-college is a beacon for people with magical talents from all across Freiland. We have the druïds from Oakwood, witch doctors from Vrulgrun, our own human wizards of course and even some mages from Darkwood. The college is next to the city with it’s own walls and magical protection. It is neutral ground and isn’t owned by any region. Because the college provides all the energy for the City it has tight security so it wouldn’t be tempered with. Isul is in charge of this task, but in this time of war he has other urgent matters to tend to and he leaves this task in the hands of the Headmaster of the college, Starplume.

The Genie looks at King Ardomak waiting for his answer. Ardomak has always been a cautious ruler. Never taking any risks unless absolutely necessary, always put his people first and has never left the castle walls. Not because he fears losing his life, but out of fear of who will take over when he’s gone. He never had any children or taken a wife. There were opportunities enough, he is the King of Freiland after all, but he never took an interest in any woman or man for that matter.

Ardomak turns around and sighs: “We can’t ignore this any longer, can we?”

“I don’t think we can, Your majesty. We should gather the council to explore our options. If we lose control over the Portals, more Champions will fall and we’ll start losing our Strongholds maybe even the city.”

“Sam has probably already gathered the creatures of Oakwood to march for the Darkwood Portal?”

“The Shroom Sage has formed an alliance with the Dwarves of Giant Hill, but I doubt it will be enough to stop the forces of Darkwood.”

The King slams his hand on the windowsill. “Dammit Sam! That little mushroom is gonna be the death of us all someday. He should’ve consulted me first, now I’m forced to send troops or they’ll never be able to hold their position at the Portal.”

Ardomak frowns his eyebrows and looks at the City of Lights Champion. “I’ll gather the council. Meanwhile you go to Thirith Coldstone and Sam, see what Allies they were able to gather and tell them help is on the way.”

“Yes Master”

Isul waves his hands. Blue sparks appear all around him, twirling around his body as a whirlpool in the sea until a blue sphere of magic surrounds him and he disappears without making a sound.

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