I’m going to guess that a lot of you already know me in some capacity, but I will still take the opportunity to (re)introduce myself.   I’m a psychotherapist, father, musician, and aspiring game designer living in Syracuse, NY.  I started on my game design journey in February of 2018 with a game that I am still working on called Infiltrators.  It was sticky notes stuck to Playing cards and meeples to start with.  I had no particular intentions or aspirations for it; I just wanted to make a solo game I would like to play.  

In January of 2020, my second daughter was born.  I had 5 weeks off and a lot of time to just sit with a sleeping baby (man, those early days are so different).  I took the opportunity to explore the real world of game design.  I stumbled upon the BGDL podcast.  From there I jumped into Martin’s Print and Play Hideaway.  I learned a ton about prototyping and started playtesting other people’s PnPs.  I found the Blind Playtesters group and was introduced to Discord.  Some kind folks were even willing to print out Infiltrators and give me feedback.

Then, I learned how to build games in TTS and everything just….accelerated.  I have met people from around the world and have become much, much better at what I am now proud to call: my art.

As of now I am looking forward to seeing my first game published.  That would be First Hunt, a mini solo game that will be packaged along with the Elves Faction for Terrible Games’ Token Terrors.

My game, Super Snipers, is a finalist in the Cardboard Edison project and a current semi-finalist for the Game Crafter’s Solo Duo contest.  A co-design I made with Simon Beal and Ben Moy is also a finalist in that contest.

Besides that, I continue to work on Infiltrators, Bullet Horizon, Chewed Out, and my unnamed Mech skirmish game.  I also started a FB group for designers working on mech games.  I have several other games that are “finished” and many more on the back-burner.  

My goal for 2021 is to start pitching my designs (a bridge I have yet to cross).  I love to talk design and am hopeful that I can keep finding ways to give back to this community that has given so much to me.  Thanks for reading 🙂

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