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Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and some of the board game ideas that I currently have in the works.

My name is Conor, I am currently living abroad in Qatar set to move home to the UK in about a month. Board games are painfully difficult to come by here, and now that we can’t meet up for the board game meetup (Covid-19 restrictions), the only logical step was to try and make some of my own board games so I could play at home (For real though, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and this has given me both the time and motivation to get started).

I’ve primarily been writing down rough ideas for about a month and in the last week or so have started putting some more effort into developing some of the ideas I’m happier with into Tabletop Simulator prototypes. I’ve been developing these ideas with a friend back in the UK, and I hope to go on to co-develop with him on a bunch of these projects once I’ve moved home!

Here is a breakdown of some of the ideas we’re working on:

Dig! – A light strategy game in which 2-4 archaeologists are competing over one dig site to find the most treasured artefacts. Played on a 5×5 grid of small decks of cards, organized into layers of the earth. The deeper you dig, the more lucrative the rewards. You can analyze the ground to see what lies ahead, but be careful not to let your opponents know your plans or they might just swoop in and steal your hard earned finds. – Prototype finished on TTS, starting to write rules before posting for play testers –

Drawn Racer – A street racing roll and write game in which you will upgrade your cars performance and then compete head to head with the other racers to find the ultimate tuner. For 2-5 players, the dice rolls will decide what upgrades are available, and your upgrades can give you an edge in the races by offsetting your movement rolls (You can also style your car on your player sheet, and are encouraged to do so as you upgrade and gain sponsors). – begun creating prototype components –

Ultra Cabs (working title) – As ultra drivers, 2-4 of you will be navigating around the boroughs of London over 24 straight hours (turns) in a final bid to increase your driver rating before the employee of the week is announced. Claim lift requests from app users, and execute them to the best of your ability. If you can get them to their destination on time, and can tailor your journey to their wants and needs then you’ll score yourself 5 stars (good for you!). But try not to get delayed, as your rating will drop more and more the longer it takes you to drop them off. Keep an eye out for surge pricing in certain locations that can double your money, and watch out for hazards that can cause delays or present unique decisions you’ll have to make on the fly. – begun creating prototype components –

If anyone has any tips, notes or feedback on any of these ideas, I’m itching to hear it. I’m only just getting into all of this, and am eager to become part of the community that Gabe and all his podcast guests keep talking about!

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  1. Ultra Cabs sounds very thematic I think is always a plus. I’ll be interested to see how you take those relief elements and distil them to game mechanics.

  2. Hi Conor, the concept for Dig! sounds great. I’ll be interested to see your approach to balancing the greater rewards for digging deeper. I’ll check out the link to your prototype 🙂