Week Two – Game Three : Tile Sliding

  • Week Two – Game Three : Tile Sliding

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  • Tim Gee

    June 2, 2021 at 9:02 pm

    Another game with a riveting working title! This one came out of thinking about Shipping Goods (Week 1 Game 2) and comments that @battlejaxx had about stacking goods on a ship. I quickly dismissed my idea as something that would work for Shipping Goods and instead came up with this little abstract game.

    Tile Sliding

    Theme: Arranging a shop window display (meaningless theme, it’s abstract)

    Mechanism: Tile sliding, matching puzzle

    Win Condition: First to collect five cards

    Game Play: Each player has a tile slider (but with nice pictures on each tile hopefully). A card is flipped over and the first person to match the pattern wins the card and then the next card is flipped over.

    Extra Ideas: There is a 30-second timer and each person gets a point for the number of tiles being in the correct position (which means everyone is getting rewarded)


  • Conor Reed

    June 2, 2021 at 9:52 pm

    Glad I could be a source of inspiration to you!

    These toys are super nostalgic to me, although once solved I never wanted to touch them again and ruin the nice picture. You’ve solved that issue right here by having different arrangements you have to complete, I think that’s awesome.

    I’d be interested to see if there was some way to include some player interaction (not really sure how yet), or some rubber banding by having the ‘last place’ player from the previous round start with 5 extra seconds or something.

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