Procrastinating Productivity (Canadian Stand-Off and Segue)

  • Procrastinating Productivity (Canadian Stand-Off and Segue)

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  • Tim Gee

    June 17, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    So the intention was to move on two PHASE TWO! and leave Phase One behind, but it seems my brain liked phase one and there is a lot of little things I need to tick off first. Maybe that is Phase Two? Preparation for more in-depth design? So the simpler designs I wanted to get something out quickly that was working so people could get their hands on some early prototypes.

    With that ticked off, I was figuring out the best way to forge ahead with developing the more intensive game designs. Then the brain piped up with more game ideas, which keep circulating until I get them out. So here are the two games. They are more concepts at the moment. A central mechanism without a full setting.

    Canadian Stand-off

    Theme: Be the politest Canadian

    Story: You need to make your way through an average day and remain the politest Canadian

    Mechanics: Stand off, tough choices

    Win condition: Have the most points but can’t have the lowest reputation

    Game Overview: Basic concept is that two cards are dealt between two players and a timer flipped. They two players then vie to grab the card they want. The first person to grab a card loses reputation for being rude. The person who is polite and waits gets the second card and their reputation is boosted. If no one takes a card before the timer runs out the player to the right of pair gets both cards.

    I haven’t figured out the rest of the game and
    what effects the cards have.


    Theme: Party Game

    Story: none

    Mechanic: Conversation Game

    Win Condition: Make the most connections

    Game concept: You get topic cards and you need to segue the conversation about your topic. Segues need to make sense.


    You have a starting card with a topic and then players
    race to add their topic cards to the sequence by making a connection between
    the last card and their card.

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