Phase 1 Reflection

  • Phase 1 Reflection

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  • Tim Gee

    June 15, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    Phase One Reflection

    I came in with the intention of garnering community feedback to help direct me in my game creation. The benefits of sharing my process and thoughts have been much more wide-reaching than I originally anticipated, and funnily enough, I haven’t reached my original goal yet.

    Regularly posting to the group has meant that I have had to think a little harder about how to word things so someone besides myself can understand them, which has led me to better notes to refer back to when developing an idea. It also has kept all my ideas in one place rather than scribbled notes across three notebooks. Getting ideas out of my head has freed up brain space for new ideas and deeper thinking on current ideas.

    Coming to this point in the Journey, I imagined the I would have had 3 games decided for me and I could drive all my energy into them. What I am left with is 10 games, the majority of which I feel have life. Whether that be a short life like Picasso because I can write proper rules and playtest in about 15mins so I can see an (unpolished) finished product just around the corner, or a long life like Il Palio, where it is going to take time in research and development before a prototype can be made.

    It may not pan out in the long term, but the ability to jump from one game to another when I hit a brick wall means I can always be moving forward. There is the potential for it to become a distraction and not get anything finished. Some well thought out goal setting and timeline, and the commitment to sharing the Process will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow.

    If you have reached this far, thanks for taking
    the time. Genuinely appreciated. I look forward to continuing the journey with

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