My First Ever Roll n Write – Picasso

  • My First Ever Roll n Write – Picasso

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  • Tim Gee

    June 4, 2021 at 5:40 am

    I played some Yahtzee as a kid and since then DnD is the closest I’ve come to playing roll and writes. But listening to Gabe’s episode with Joe Hout one popped into my head. I played it with the Missus just taking turn picking what to draw. There is some work to be done with the exact size of the grid. We didn’t score but it was funny seeing how things turned out. Hope you have fun too!

    Picasso – A Cubist Roll n’ Write

    Aim: Draw the ‘best’ representation of the topic you can!


    Pencil, 10×10 grid, 2 dice, topic cards.


    Draw a topic card.

    Roll 2 dice. Number 1-2 = horizontal line, 3-4 = vertical line, 5-6 = diagonal line.

    On your grid draw the 2-line types rolled. Continue until the dice has been rolled 20 times. Dice rolls are communal.

    Drawing Rules:

    Each line must be straight and corner to corner as determined by the dice rolls.

    Game types:

    Best picture – each player is drawing the same topic. Vote for who’s picture is the best.

    Clearest picture – each player draws their own topic card and keeps it secret. Once the drawing is complete, guess what each other pictures are. One point for a correct guess, and one point for a picture drawn correctly.

    Win Condition – First to win 5 votes/5 points

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