All about the Toonaria universe – the backdrop for all of my board games . . .

  • All about the Toonaria universe – the backdrop for all of my board games . . .

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  • Bob Whitely

    June 11, 2021 at 10:41 am

    Hi, all. I’ve been writing stories, creating art, and games set in my Toonaria universe since the late 1970s. Earlier this year, I started a series of Toonaria Fun Facts, which I post on my QT Games fan page over on Facebook so folks can learn more about this amazing universe. check out this sampling! (If you are itching for more, I might post some here, but you can also find them on FB:

    I’ll post more about Toonaria, including pictures, in the days ahead. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I hope to write a source book or 3 for Toonaria one day and put out my Little Epics Roleplaying Game set in it. Anyway, here’s a few of the Toonaria Fun Facts I promised:

    Toonaria Fun Fact #1: Most folks in Toonaria live on sky arks, mega structures that consist of a massive stack of 7 floating island chains hanging in the sky over a seemingly endless ocean.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #2: The sky arks were built by the gods in cooperation with the ancient Architects, god-like AI that continue to monitor them and us.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #3: A vast array of obelisks, powered by techno magic and prayer, hold the sky arks aloft. The obelisks were placed in chambers deep within the islands’ cores and the larger ones are guarded by powerful creatures to minimize tampering.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #4: An island’s position in the sky is also bolstered by pockets of enchanted Aethyrstone, when not overmined for its magical properties.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #5: Almost all of Sky Ark Majestica’s floating islands are fixed in their positions, presumably to avoid drifting into one another. Over the eons, a few of the islands have slipped from their position and a small number have fallen out of the sky.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #6: A small, artificial sun ascends vertically up through the center of the stack of seven floating island chains, coming to a rest in Xanadu, the highest layer. The sun provides light, but little warmth, that being the handled by the obelisk vents and other heat sources like the elemental gates that encircle the sky ark like a wreath of fiery diamonds in the sky.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #7: At the top of each island layer hangs the Evervescence, a shimmering blanket that absorbs the artificial sun’s light, and stores and reflects it back onto the islands below, maintaining daylight long after the sun has ascended to higher layers.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #8: As the hours pass the Evervescence slowly diminishes, and with it, the sun’s own light. Nearly depleted, the sun, now darkened, descends in the sky as the moon, hence the saying, “In Toonaria, the sun never sets and the moon never rises.”

    Toonaria Fun Fact #9: The artificial sun comes to rest in a colossal Architect facility called The Cradle, a cosmic recharging station in the enigmatic God Sea. The Cradle, channeling the ever-present GodStorm, recharges the sun, providing it with the energy it needs to rise again on the following day.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #10: Sky Ark Majestica’s highest floating island layer is Xanadu, home of the sun at its zenith and the enigmatic ring, Nimbus, a marvel of traaku technology, though they’d never admit it. The floating island layers below include Elementara, Arcasia, Colossea, Storm Garden, where the moon comes to rest and recharge, and further down, Ever Dark and finally Zothmaru, the bottom of which dips into the seemingly endless ocean.

  • Bob Whitely

    June 30, 2021 at 4:16 pm

    Toonaria Fun Fact #11: According to legend, OAA (The One Above All), a supreme being, made Toonaria. He also created the Architects (god-like AI) and tasked them with the creation of the sky arks, according to his specifications. To inspire, challenge and care for those living on the floating islands and beyond, he also created the Illuminarii (super gods) and the Toonarian Pantheon.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #12: OAA also created the triskeles. Each of these mega structures house and protect a set of three sky arks, providing a stable atmosphere within an energy shell. How many triskeles make the Sky Sea their home is known only to the gods, Architects, and a few others.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #13: High above the sky arks, a citadel stands at the center of each Triskele, invisible to the naked eye. From there, potential hazards are monitored both within and beyond its energy shell. As for who oversees each triskele and to what degree they intervene remains a mystery, those few who are even aware of the triskeles believe Architects stand vigilant or omniscient OAA himself.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #14: The UnderDeep, the seemingly endless ocean that lies below the sky arks is home to the great zilla and other kaiju. It is also the former home of Cthulhu, who was slain nearly a thousand years ago, during an invasion from the mysterious Cosmoverse. Loyal zillas and the enigmatic Cthulhu Host now stand guard over a dimensional rift between the two universes.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #15: According to those who live in the UnderDeep, the “sky” above the waves is dark and filled with terrors. If not for those who travel between the triskeles and the ocean communities, or for the discovery of a fallen sky ark, even the Lords of the UnderDeep would have been completely unaware of life within the triskele shells.

  • Bob Whitely

    July 15, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    Here’s some more about Toonaria!

    Toonaria Fun Fact #16: The sky arks hang in the seemingly infinite Sky Sea between two realms: the Cosmos, above, a strange dimension of microgravity, spinning asteroids, bizarre super structures, and still other exotic locales, and the watery realm below, known as the UnderDeep, home of the Cthulhu Host and other enigmas.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #17: Under the umbrella of the Cosmos, the Sky Sea and Underdeep together comprise Primus, nestled deep within the Mysterium, a realm of magic, countless pocket dimensions, and a wealth of secrets. It is from these pocket dimensions with the help of elemental gates that water cascades down upon the sky arks in seemingly infinite waterfalls, tumbling spheres of heat and flame warm the islands, sudden gusts of wind sweep across the sky, and cubes of earth and enchanted aethyrstone appear and find new homes among the floating islands.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #18: Occupying the same space as the Mysterium are other notable dimensions including Udanax, the Shadow Realm and the Dreamery, and beyond them stands the Void itself, cold and unknowing.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #19: Many claim the Void is the horizon, the very end of Toonaria, the home of OAA himself. Only he can say what lies beyond the endless black wall, if anything, for few have ever reached it, and neither mortal, nor godling has managed to cross its threshold.

    Toonaria Fun Fact #20: The Toonaria universe shares a strange bond with the dying Cosmoverse, one that is not understood by mortals or gods alike. But there are more powerful beings than the gods — the Illuminarii, for example, and beyond them, OAA, himself. The GodStorm flows between the two universes and both the god-like Architects and the Cosmothean Pantheon exist in each, though in very different forms and with different motivations.

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