The Process – A Journey in Game Evolution

So many ideas but which are the good ones! It’s so easy to leave them in your head or scribble a note in a journal and then your subconscious fight it out to see which you choose. Maybe this is me just procrastinating from beginning the long journey when you’re are not even sure if you have picked the right destination.

I have a solution. I have challenged myself to come up with 3 new game ideas a week for 3 weeks and write a skeleton of the game concept and rules. Each bunch of three I will post each week for community feedback on which game people would like to play. I will then beginning some more thorough design on the ‘winners’. Once each idea is more solidly fleshed out I will repost the 3 winners in more detail and see what garners the most interest. And then the real work will begin!

Hopefully, I will be able to begin the deep dive into a game project with a small (or even large!) group of people supporting me and want to come on the journey with me. Having a support base to share ideas with and be accountable for progressing the game will help me stick to my goals.

I look forward to everyone and anyone who wants to join me on this wild ride!

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