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  • Roger Meloche

    June 18, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a variable win condition. One way to accomplish this is what I call a “Degenerative Co-Op”. This will start out as a cooperative game where all players win by accomplishing a task before a certain event happens in the game. At any time during the game, a player can choose to trigger an alternate, competitive win condition where there can only be one winner. This could be done by a player, simply because they want to dominate the game, or it can be done by mutual agreement, when the players see that they might fail to accomplish the cooperative task. It should take a few turns to change this state so the players need to assess their likelihood of winning and compare it to the likelihood of changing the game state in time.

    One way to spice this up is to require the players to allocate resources to each other to win cooperatively, but these very resources would give the players competitive advantages if the game changed to competitive mode. It would be an interesting dichotomy of trust between winning and preparing for a worst case scenario.

    If that wasn’t spicy enough, ….a player could secretly pretend to cooperate while building up power for a competitive coup. It might be a winning strategy but this player might get banned from future game nights. LOL