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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress Dig! Prototype – Playtest Ready Reply To: Dig! Prototype – Playtest Ready

  • Israel Ocando

    June 18, 2021 at 6:22 am

    Hi there Connor,

    I’m new to this whole board game design world and I’ve been working on a game of my own. However, I’ve been thinking a lot about making a game about digging up stuff and as soon as I saw this post it immediately caught my attention.

    I just booted it up in my TTS and gave it a quick spin, by myself, and taking action for both players. I gotta say, it’s a pretty neat little game, and flipping the tiles over felt very rewarding. Exactly the feeling I was thinking for my game.

    I noticed that you mentioned that in your previous playtests, players skipped the Collect Action, and in a way that makes sense since you’re always giving back to the supply almost the same amounts of gold you get when digging. However, I did make the Collect Actions as you mentioned it in the rules since in my head was much easier to keep track of what I had and what not before deciding which tiles to dig.

    I’m not sure if you already thought of this but since you can only dig tiles that are adjacent to spaces of the same stratum or lower, it made sense to me to start from one of the corners of the edges of the map, since there’re fewer tiles to deal with and therefore less money to invest. Now I’m not sure if this is a game-breaking strat but just want to let you know just in case.

    Lastly, the action I never took was the Analyse Action, not because of what it does (which I think is really helpful) but because of its price.

    The rules were really simple to understand, but the one big issue I had was that I didn’t know how to start since the rules said that you have to pay for each time you dig but you start with no gold whatsoever to do so. I managed to figure it out reading this thread, so I’m sure you already took care of it.

    Here’s a screenshot I took, hopefully, it’ll help you in some way. I’ll try to play it soon again but with a friend to see how it flows in an actual 2 player game.

    Best of luck and keep at it!