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  • Sebastian Dersch

    June 9, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    Ah, reading of another’s interest/experimentation in this brings me much joy! I have always loved the games of ages passed and those that imitate their style. Though the intensity of the eldest games varies considerably, they all have an inspiring amount of depth, and a habit of bringing forth poetry/metaphors.

    It’s awesome to see games like Tsuro and Tellstones being released, games that can be easily imagined played in a fantasy/medieval setting,….

    Long ago, a friend and I created a world of magic and monsters, a world that soon filled with stories and characters that-ah, anyways, recently, I designed a game that fused concepts found in Chess, Go, and Shogi while being a reminder of that world’s early history. I quite enjoyed taking elements from stories written for that world and allowing them to become a part of the game. Though, I must confess my recent creation has remained nameless,…

    Just as you did, I used TabletopSim to create a digital copy of what I thought up, though as a result of my inability to properly explain the rules, during its first (and so far only) test, my opponent made an ‘illegal’ move which I somehow missed,…I didn’t realize anything was amiss until the late-game when another was made through the same misunderstanding.

    Anyways, good luck with Sticks And Stones, it really looks quite cool!