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Dashboard Forums Playtesting How is playtesting going these days? Reply To: How is playtesting going these days?

  • Thomas Newman

    June 8, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    Hey Taylor & Marti,
    I’ve been doing TTS playtests for the past year, and it’s worked out really well. I do spend a lot of time on my computer (refurbished ‘09 MacBook Pro, so not the fastest processor) updating components on component studio and then uploading them to TTS, but I’ve also been able to make multiple broad changes to my game without having to shell out for physical prototypes. So there’s definitely a pro and con. I also have spent a lot of my design time fine-tuning the game’s graphic design, which I know is not how a lot of designers work. If you’re not working on the graphic design too much, there will still be the initial work of setting up the components, but after that it shouldn’t be too bad.
    For what it’s worth, I did make a physical prototype of my game last year to play with close family, and I found that most if not all of the feedback I was getting from TTS playtests translated to the real game and couldn’t just be chalked up to the TTS user experience. So I’d say TTS is a reliable playtest platform in that sense.