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  • Marti S

    June 8, 2021 at 3:26 am

    When I start a project I get out one of my A2 whiteboards and scribble loads of things down about the game and it is always the victory conditions that seem hardest for me to decide, I think for me it is becuase I tend to work from a theme to mechanics and so th evictory conditions could be point salad (which I do love) and secret scoring at the end (also a love of mine) but also could be objective based or ‘last person standing’ depending on the theme and which ever I feel matches it the best.

    Having said that, right now I am waiting for a few components to arrive to finish making my latest prototype of a game I’ve been designing and playtesting on tabletop simulator for months, it is a Lovecraftian card game where I first thought that objectives would lead to victory but then changed it to points based as it seemed to play better and be more interesting and fun.

    So I suppose if I were to advise anyone on it it would be go with what you think fits but be prepared to change it up and try out different victory conditions when designing and testing to see which just fits or feels better/right/more fun.