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Dashboard Forums Art and Graphic Design Icon Legibility Reply To: Icon Legibility

  • Charles White

    June 7, 2021 at 7:34 am

    Thank you for the amazing feedback! These are definitely only for play testing and prototyping purposes at this time.

    Good idea about the cost in the bottom right. I do not have a color idea yet or even designs for my money in the game but I like that idea of a color for the frame. I will start playing with that soon.

    The only reason I do not use red is because that is used for attack icons. For the health option let me ask you this. I use a unique health tracker for my game where health is tracked by batteries and each battery has 5 cells. Do you think it would make more sense to replace the plus sign with a battery to reflect the health in game?

    Interesting I am not sure how to justify text but I will look into it. Eventually I want the text centered at the top and art below it. I like the idea of setting it in a frame of sorts!

    Good to know I will increase the size of the top left and bottom right icons for now.

    This is a power card bought from a market area. the cost is only used for two instances. Buying the card for the first time or in the case of a tie breaker tallying up the cost of cards you bought.

    I really appreciate the feedback this is super helpful! As soon as I have free time I will start working on these especially since I just update the icons again so the numbers are bigger and the icons are centered in the bubble.