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  • Ru Nacken-van der Rest

    June 7, 2021 at 3:30 am

    I think it looks excellent for prototyping-purposes. No bells & whistles and good icons. I especially like that the numbers for health, etc are in those black circles which makes them super readable.

    Some things you might consider:

    – The right-bottom number 3 in the hex should have a different background color – the grey is not distinguishable enough from the text-color. If that is ‘cost’ I would suggest a gold/orange/copper color to frame it with the known color for gold / coins.

    – The health icon as a plus could be better. The plus also has the math-meaning which might confuse players. I’d go for a simple heart to indicate health, and a pink/red background.

    – The ‘Backpedal’ text seems to be justified (it takes up all the horizontal space). You’ll probably have some cards with different lengths of text. Prevent that they are all justified and therefore have a different font-size (longer text will shrink to fit in). Also, maybe draw a grey rectangle around the text and locate it at the top. Each card should have the specific information always in the same location, in the same size.

    – Lastly; You still have plenty of white-space on your card left. I’d increase the top-left and bottom-right icons for clarity. When you move to actual graphic design of the cards, you can always test what the minimum size should be, but right now they are pretty small for no reason.

    Good luck!

    ps: you can get better feedback when you supply more info about how the cards will be used. For example: do I buy these cards from a market and then hold them in my hand with others? I’d assume so, which is why I though the bottom-right icon is ‘cost’: that’s a property you’d need to see when buying the cards, but not any longer as soon as it is in your hand. However; if you need to hold the cards and that value ‘3’ is somehow still important – it should be located somewhere else, since it will be very hard to see it with other cards covering that portion. 👌