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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress Theme park game (changing from Disney to generic) Reply To: Theme park game (changing from Disney to generic)

  • Timothy Page

    June 4, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    The game mostly focused around dice placement and manipulation. Use your dice to complete cards (hooray you completed/”rode” Space Mountain! – now add it to your ‘day tracker’) and different cards are worth different points, based on how many dice needed to complete. Basically you could totally skip the endgame ‘sharing your day’ step, but as I was pitching with Disney in mind, I thought having people imagine and describe how they’re day went, taking turns to create this positive group experience, would be something Disney as a brand would like. But without the known IP attached I’m thinking this attempt at a ‘fun/thematic’ ending could fall flat.

    I have been thinking lately about retheming, but only as far as generic theme park or copyright free Disney-esque attractions. Having said that, I do really like the idea of trying to spin it into some other kind of group adventure. As you said something like Indy or space travel, where the endgame story element would lean more on sharing wacky adventures instead of nostalgia toward an established IP. Thanks for the comment!