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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress Conquest of Callisto – a hybrid 4X game with simultaneous action Reply To: Conquest of Callisto – a hybrid 4X game with simultaneous action

  • Russel Fleming

    June 3, 2021 at 9:02 pm

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you taking the time to look over the rules and give feedback, I appreciate it.

    I will do my best to address your feedback.

    Role selection: there are no rounds in my game, just a constant set of turns in which any action can be chosen with a resources bonus/penalty if that action has been chosen not recently/recently. Choosing which action is a “juicy” choice as players balance, what do I need now and if I take this action, what will the next player take.

    Differentiation from Twilight Imperium.

    Over the years, I have seen various “how to play” and “play through” videos of TI as I debated purchasing it or not and for my game design research. I had the chance to play the game a few months ago with an experienced group and the game plays very differently. Here are the biggest differences that come to my mind at this moment:

    • simultaneous turns and fog of war: everything from gathering resources, constructing buildings, choosing which tech to upgrade, and most importantly moving armies is done behind a screen and then revealed. This also cuts down on play time (which I still want to work on) and increases player engagement.
    • combat system. Here is a 5 minute video I made for the previous combat system. It has since evolved but the system is similar. It has more controlled randomness and mitigation.
    • creeps (monsters on maps) level up as they are fought and link to a boss possible end-game trigger. This is similar to escalation mechanics often found in co-operative games.
    • exploration: tiles get revealed as they are explored. I plan to add more character and to individual tiles
    • how points are awarded

    Gathering Resources Action and components

    Right now the game has a lot of components. I have purposely chosen to collect physical resources instead of using trackers for the following reasons:

    • trackers get bumped
    • it really helps with spending resources for recruiting, research (technology upgrades) or construction. As players change their minds they forget what they had and make simple mental math errors (this happens in many types of games)
    • players have to “lock in” then simultaneous spending before it is revealed so they cannot change their minds in response to another player

    Up to reading your comment, I have considered it as a “natural action” and part of the game. I had not questioned it, so thank you. While playing, choosing if/when to “gather resources” can be a good point of friction/choice. That being said your comment has made me think about it. One thing I could do is have the gather resources not be a chosen action but instead be like an “event”. The gather resources action “event” could trigger when it pass the pink “resolve event card” line on the action river (see attached image or page 4 of rulebook).

    I will give that idea some thought and talk to my son (part-time co-designer) and main play tester as it will give predictable/reliable times of when players will gain resources but not require a player action. Currently, the active player (person who chooses the action) get a stronger version of action so choosing gather resources can be beneficial and hoping that a following player chooses an action that uses resources (research, construction, recruit).

    Contoured map vs flat hexagons

    Great question. I have a 3D printer and for game development it was easier to have printed and painted pieces (at this point I used 3 hexes in a group) vs cutting out hexes and deciding on balance of each land type. I knew the game would have to come back to flat hexes at some point for game production. I the attached photo below what you had in mind?

    Stephen, thanks again for taking the time read over the rules and give feedback. You have caused my brain to think and question.

    Take care and have a great day,