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Dashboard Forums Game Design How to properly incorporate army into Deckbuilder + Skirmish game? Reply To: How to properly incorporate army into Deckbuilder + Skirmish game?

  • Daniel Josey

    June 3, 2021 at 8:30 am

    Hey Max!
    I have been following your design process for a while now on various channels. You might have described this in some of those but I am curious what you end goal for the game is? I ask because if the goal involves a large Kickstarter campaign then awesome chunky minis that are placed on the battle field might fit really well! I would suggest less than 10 unit types if you went this route. Think TI 4, all players have access to the same units and then you could have cards that boost a specific unit type for that player.
    A couple of other thoughts:The slowing down of your deck by playing out units sounds a like a nice balance mechanism. If you can get the core deck to be fun from the get go.What about the cards as activations? Add another layer as you mentioned, if used as activations then you can’t use them for economy. This also helps balance the game when one player has a much larger force on the field that the other given they could only activate as many units as they have cards. Could also make tempo more important.