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Dashboard Forums Game Design Ways to get points in a set collection Reply To: Ways to get points in a set collection

  • Stephen Hurn

    June 3, 2021 at 6:24 am

    Some ideas:
    Only get points for the exact number of symbols. Get variable points that go up then down, e.g. 1,5,7,3 for 1,2,3,4 symbols. The player with the second highest number of these symbols gets 3 points per symbol.Score your number of symbols multiplied by the person on your right’s number of the same symbol. Score 5 points if you do not get this symbol. Score 20 points if only you get this symbol. Action: swap one of your cards (that you have already gained) with an opponent’s card (they choose).Action: everybody holds their hand and does not pass this round. Score 2 points. Action: swap your next have with an opponent of your choosing before either of you select a card but after looking at the hand. Action: score 5 points. Discard a card you have already gained.
    That might help get the creative juices flowing.