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  • Stephen Hurn

    June 3, 2021 at 3:44 am

    I codesigned a small dice drafting game a couple of years ago for a game jam, which my friend and I could have taken to publication but decided against because the theme was a bit terrifying (nuclear war). It was a two player draft where we each drafted two dice out of ten, leaving six behind. It worked well because of the way the dice interacted.
    There were 5 colours of dice, two of each colour. Each colour gave a different advantage based on a number range. 1-3 might give a small advantage while 9-12 gives a big advantage, so you had to decide between picking larger numbers, multiple effects, picking the colour that you needed more right now and denying your opponent.
    Don’t be afraid to give the players lots of options. If you only have one die left you have no decision. If you have 7 dice left you have an interesting choice. The key is to make the decisions interesting and multi faceted. You want players to be pulled in multiple directions, unsure of whether they have chosen correctly.