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Dashboard Forums Game Design Fair, turn by turn dice drafting Reply To: Fair, turn by turn dice drafting

  • Stephen Hurn

    June 3, 2021 at 3:26 am

    It does depend on the sport though. If I was playing in an unrestricted cricket draft I’d much rather snake 1st and last than 5th and 6th (for example) where I could take Bradman (or Sobers if he was banned).
    Snake drafts are about as fair as drafts can get, though MOBA type video games have a banning phase (or two) which lets you block your opponent’s best options. That could be interesting in asymmetrical drafting as well.
    No draft can be perfectly fair as each one will offer one person a “threshold” pick where they can get a combination far stronger than other players. It’s the nature of drafting and it’s why worker placement games give you multiple rounds with variable starting players to stay balanced (worker placement is analogous to action drafting).