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Dashboard Forums Game Design Manipulating Two Dice Reply To: Manipulating Two Dice

  • Jeffrey Pacitto

    June 1, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    Fair points, it does in effect give them 0-5 in their results. The thought process was twofold: rolling two dice gives the player the impression of greater chance (or maybe actually does? I’m not a probabilities guy for that!), and secondly the ability to manipulate one of the two die individually gives a little more variability to what actions other players can take “against” your rolls and actions you can take “for” your rolls, instead of just changing the results of a single die alone.
    I should have been more transparent in my description as well, the resulting roll determine how many cards a player draws from a shared deck of cards. The shared deck has cards that help them manipulate their rolls and the rolls of others, the goal being to get (or avoid) certain cards in the deck that provide you with a win or a loss, depending on how many of them you accumulate.