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Dashboard Forums Game Design Manipulating Two Dice Reply To: Manipulating Two Dice

  • Grant Kerwood

    May 31, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    these suggestions assume you are subtracting the lower number from the higher number, or taking the absolute value of the result

    some possible options:

    take the sum of the 2 dice and redistribute it so the roll 2 4 can turn into 1 5, 3 3, and possibly 0 6

    double/half the value of a die (as long as its between 2-6)

    you may personally pick the value of die A but the table may pick the value of die B


    double/square the result (the second option may provide huge numbers for lucky rolls)

    only roll 1 die, no subtraction

    take the average of the 2 dice rolled (may need to round up/down)

    some special actions if you get a special event such as a pair:

    trade your final result with a player of your choice

    if this game lets you choose what the dice are used for after the subtraction, you must choose the action your using the dice for first, then re-roll the dice and take that roll without modifications

    every player passes their final dice clockwise

    observe the other players dice, then subtract the highest result from the lowest result