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Dashboard Forums Game Design What games are like my game? Reply To: What games are like my game?

  • Grant Kerwood

    May 31, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    Great idea! This game looks amazing. This appears to be an original concept.

    You asked how to know if a game idea has been done before. My answer would be for this game in particular, its main concept revolves around the set up. So you can easily search up “board game ____” and input key words that would be similar to your game. Then look in images to see if any board set ups look like yours. Some good key words could be dig, mine, excavate and archaeologist. Once you find a game with a similar look then you can look into the games rules from there to find similarities

    Though if a game you’re working on in the future is instead set apart by a certain rule, it may be difficult to double check the idea is original. When you start play testing, you can ask the play testers what game this reminds them of. You can also learn the rules to a variety of games which will help this process in the future, as well as inspire future games.