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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress Fatebinder™ Epicsodic Roll-and-Write Adventure Game Reply To: Fatebinder™ Epicsodic Roll-and-Write Adventure Game

  • Sebastian Dersch

    May 27, 2021 at 11:20 am

    I love that it ends as it began, summarizing how it is played, revealing its skeleton, but the last sentence, I think, might benefit from a few minor adjustments as it seems to restate much of what was presented in the first,…also, it might be wise to refrain from repeating ‘epicsodic’,…though I may be mistaken,….another thing that might be worth considering is fiddling with the order of the list o’ contents (custom role board, role sheet, dice and tokens), unless of course the role sheet, dice and tokens are also ‘custom’. This honestly looks Epical, and I am eager to see more of Fatebinder. I don’t believe there are many solo-played games that would keep my interest, but this undoubtedly shall for a very long while,….