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Join the Community Forums Game Design How to properly incorporate army into Deckbuilder + Skirmish game? Reply To: How to properly incorporate army into Deckbuilder + Skirmish game?

  • Jeffrey Pacitto

    May 27, 2021 at 9:52 am
    Premium Member Founding Member

    What about limiting the size of the army? If any one player can only have X number of deployed units it would force the deck to cycle more. Or an exhaustion point for the units that returns them to the deck. Maybe after 3 turns if they’re not defeated they return to the player’s discard pile, or something to that effect. You could track that age with tokens or dice of course, or just by rotating the card (assuming rotation isn’t part of the tactics of the game. From the layout of your game board there it doesn’t look like it is as they’re all facing the same way). Even a small “reminder” text number on the car edges could help with that. That would also open up the possibility of “longer lasting” units, or even shorter term ones that do more in less time, or something to that effect? Or even other cards to “reset” them, like a supply run or air-drop of sorts, to keep with the theme, allowing the combatants to “soldier on” (as it were) for another 3 rounds, or whatever.