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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Kirk Dennison, from Thunderworks Games Reply To: Kirk Dennison, from Thunderworks Games

  • Kirk Dennison

    March 31, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    Hi Kyle,

    I love spreadsheets – it is hard to limit to just one tip! I will work off the assumption that “standard competency with spreadsheets” includes an understanding of how to use filters, freeze screen, basic formulas (e.g. If Then logic like this =if(A1=”Cat”,”Allergies”,”No Allergies”) or Simple Math like this =((A1*B2)/2.65) ), and pivot tables.

    If anyone does not know how to do those things, I would first make sure you understand those topics.

    Beyond this, I would offer a strong suggestion that knowing how to use LOOKUP formulas and COUNTIFS / SUMIFS formulas will allow you to take things to the next level.

    LOOKUP formulas allow you to find specific information for a given person / item within a large dataset. You should either use the new XLOOKUP formula in Excel (only available in Excel 2021 or newer versions or Office 365) or use the comparable INDEX MATCH combination in older versions of Excel and in Google Sheets. VLOOKUP or LOOKUP formulas have more caveats and require the user to ensure the data is formatted and sorted properly.

    COUNTIFS / SUMIFS allow you dynamically determine how many rows of data (or the sum of values) meet conditions you specify.