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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Sen-Foong Lim, awesome game designer Reply To: Sen-Foong Lim, awesome game designer

  • Sen-Foong Lim

    March 24, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    Good question, Gabe.

    I let my co-designers decide. Honestly, I’m just stoked to work on interesting games, so if someone I’m working with is super hyped about an idea, I’m super hyped to work on it with them. Passion and energy go a long way to keeping things going during the dry spells. I also take a lot of short writing contracts etc. just to give my brain something productive to do when the game isn’t progressing quite like we’d like.

    I have definitely had to say no to more things as of late and learn to prioritize what projects I can sign on to.