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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Gabe Barrett, founder of the BGDL Reply To: Gabe Barrett, founder of the BGDL

  • Gabe Barrett

    March 17, 2022 at 9:05 pm

    “Harmony” is a strong word, haha. You should see the duct tape and safety pins holding all this stuff together on the backend.

    I learned a long time ago that a solid schedule is probably the most valuable thing you can create. Schedule certain things for certain days/times, and then stick to it as best you can. It’s amazing what happens when you get consistent. Small steps daily turn into a long journey after a while.

    But it’s kind of like being a world class ballerina. If you go to a ballet and watch a ballerina go up on one toe, from a distance, it looks like she is balancing perfectly. However, if you get up close, you can see that she’s making a ton of micro-adjustments to stay “balanced.”

    I don’t buy the whole work-life balance idea. There is no 50/50. Sometimes, it’s 80/20 one way; other times it’s 70/30 the other way. (Sometimes is 110/-10, haha.) You just have to constantly make micro-adjustments to make sure you’re showing up for your family, friends, community, job, self, etc.

    It takes practice. It takes being honest with yourself and others. It takes sacrifice. It takes choosing which hills to climb, which hills to die on, and which hills to walk on by. But mainly it takes living a life that is intentional about all these things.

    Oh, and it definitely takes failing over and over again – then, getting back up to try and do things a bit better the next time.