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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games Reply To: Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games

  • Jay Cormier

    March 10, 2022 at 1:55 am

    Very cool question. I think you can only do this kind of testing once your game is ‘complete’. I put complete in quotes because no game is ever complete…but this is not useful in the beta stage of development as things are changing too much. It would take too much effort (I assume, since I don’t know how to program any AI to do anything) to do it too early in the design process. I think it could be useful in the Gamma stage – where you’re ready to pitch it to a publisher. The concept is that there’d be fewer changes at this point – so the data would be very useful to see if something is not balanced. My co-designer has offered to do this for Harrow County as there’s so much asymmetry in it that we cannot test all the possible match ups. We’re at a place now where I am going to ask him to do it now!! The game is pretty set and there are only wording changes happening.