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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games Reply To: Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games

  • Jay Cormier

    March 10, 2022 at 1:46 am

    When I’m designing a game – I don’t care. I use a cube to represent a player. As long as it’s distinct and can’t get confused with any other component – I don’t care. Unless it needs some sort of functionality to it. Akrotiri needed boats to carry cubes – so we made those out of popsicle sticks! That all said – I’m always trying to find ways to do things differently and sometimes that means using a weird component. I have a huge chest of drawers – and each one is full of various components I’ve collected over the years! Sometimes a game idea can come from finding a really neat component that you want to use.

    The bottom line for me is always functionality first. Does this piece function? Does it do what I need it to do at its core level? I don’t have time – and have learned over the years that publishers mostly don’t care – to add fancy art or graphic design to my prototypes. They are all 100% functional though. You can see where you have to place workers, or how much things cost – my prototypes are very easy to read. If I need some art to help make it feel more thematic – then to Google I go and search for an orc, or a boat, or whatever I need.

    So I guess think about how that piece needs to function. Does it need to stack? Can anything ever go on top of it? How much space will it cover up on the board? Are there any other components that could be mistaken for this piece (that’s bad)? Is there any way I can make it colour blind friendly right off the bat? I’ll often add a texture or icon to cards that are coloured.