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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games Reply To: Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games

  • Jay Cormier

    March 10, 2022 at 1:35 am

    Well – pitch your games to publishers that have a good track record for design? All my games but MIND MGMT have been published by other publishers. I’ve been super lucky on a lot of them and have had some awesome artists provide art for my games like Kwanchai Moriya, Josh Cappel, Chris Williams…

    As for the games I’m publishing – well, I’m lucky because I’m getting the original comic book artist to do art for the game. So far I’ve worked with Matt Kindt and Tyler Crook – both amazing water colour artists! I’m so lucky that they’re both so talented!

    As for visual identity – I do everything I can to ensure the product fits the brand of the comic. MIND MGMT is about psychic spies – so the entire package is littered with secret codes and filtered messages. Harrow County is my next game and that’s a horror comic and we have some gruesome ideas that I can’t wait to share!