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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games Reply To: Jay Cormier from Off the Page Games

  • Jay Cormier

    March 10, 2022 at 1:31 am

    1) Create a sell sheet. If it’s in person – then you’ll leave that with them as a calling card. Keep your sell sheet text to a MINIMUM! Use pictures!! If it’s not in person – it still is a quick way to remind them what you’re game is all about.

    2) Here’s the big thing to remember – be calm and be yourself. I know it’s easy to say – but confidence is really an ‘attractive’ trait when you pitch your game. KNOW THIS – the publisher is rooting for you. They are not there to make fun of your game or you. They want this to be the next best game! I was told this once when I was an actor auditioning – that the casting agent is rooting for you – they want to cast you and they hope you’re perfect for the role. Changed my outlook!

    3) Be concise. Ensure there’s room for them to speak or ask questions. Rambling on and on about the world of your game is not the right direction. Focus more on the gameplay in a pitch. What’s unique? What does this game do differently that no other game does right now? What are the key selling points? You do NOT have to explain the entire rules. Please don’t. Just focus on what makes the game cool – even if they don’t fully understand the motivations are about why you’d do this or that. Make them curious so they ask questions. This also all depends on how much time you have. If it’s an online pitch then you might only have 10 minutes (I’m looking at you Pegasus!) – so you really have to be efficient. Practice your pitch a few times with someone else.

    4) Stack the deck. You can set up your game so that it’s at a more interesting spot than the beginning. Highlight an interaction, a decision point, a key strategic moment! That’s exciting!