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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games (Feb 24) Reply To: Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games (Feb 24)

  • Carla Kopp

    February 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm

    When I design games, I like to think of a mechanism that works and change it just a bit. For Way Too Many Cats, it uses the Winston draft, which is in itself a twist on the classic draft, but it does so face up, so there’s no hidden information. In another one of my drafting games, the most important cards are not the cards that are drafted, but the cards that are left behind after the draft. Slight tweaks like that make the mechanism more interesting but don’t change it enough that it’s completely new.

    Weird Giraffe Games came from me making a logo with my first idea for the company name, Okoppi Games, which sounds like the okapi animal, but has my last name in it. Turns out, no one thought that was funny, so I kept the logo I painstakingly made in Paint and just put new words to it, problem solved!