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Dashboard Forums Ask Me Anything Peter C. Hayward from Jellybean Games (Feb 17) Reply To: Peter C. Hayward from Jellybean Games (Feb 17)

  • Peter C. Hayward

    February 18, 2022 at 1:06 am

    Gabe how did this man get in, I thought you had standards on this forum.

    When I think a game is ready to pitch, the #1 thing I’m considering is – does this fit their brand? I mentioned Goblin Teeth in an above answer, which was the perfect Jellybean game (despite its designer looking and smelling almost exactly like a goblin).

    I’ve only had 3 games signed, so it’s definitely not my area of expertise, but in each case, I found a publisher whose catalogue matched the tone of the game I was pitching. Bugs on Rugs was signed by Kids Table Board Games; I pitched it to them because I knew that they liked light kid-friendly games and had done a bug theme before.

    That Time You Killed Me was pitched to Pandasaurus, because I knew they liked quirky themes and nice components.

    I should mention that not all my games get signed. Before we started publishing heavier games, I pitched Robotopia to my three bucket list publishers. They all played it and liked it, but each of them came back saying that it wasn’t quite right for their brand, so I’m not batting 100 (or however batting works in this country).