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Dashboard Forums Game Design To Random or Not to Random? Reply To: To Random or Not to Random?

  • Anthony Broussard

    November 18, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    One mechanic I loved in the Shadowrun RPG was the concept of a “glitch”: your roll could succeed but something bad could happen in the process.

    Maybe 1/6 of the time a bad situation happens that doesn’t reduce any of the main success. For example, you did an airstrike but your plane got shot in the process and now future support cards cannot be played next turn, or you damaged your own supply line by accident.

    “since it really comes down to your ability to create a strategy and then adapt that plan during execution.”

    One school of thought favors emphasizing input randomness and minimizing output randomness, meaning the situations you get in are unpredictable but the outcome is reliable.

    Personally I prefer input to output randomness though emphasizing output randomness is very thematic for a war game.