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  • Jamie Sutanto

    September 11, 2021 at 5:39 am

    Got a chance to pitch my game to Ravensburger! Didn’t get to the next round but it was lotsa fun as they were so helpful and open

    So got my update to version 16 now available on Steam with a real rule book that is actually complete!

    Did a major overhaul of pretty much the whole game, so it’s much smoother, but maybe less thematic. So all a balancing act 😛

    Updated rule book below and new Workshop up at

    In case you’re curious for the Ravensburger feedback:

    Pitched my game and they were interested in the theme, but thought there might be a bit too much game to get the correct feel of contentedness across, so all up a pass from them.

    I had a similar view point in part, so made sense but was great to hear from someone in the industry too! It’s so cool that they can kinda get the gist of the game with a simple pitch, but really glad I did it.

    Few tips they gave me were:

    – that gateway+ is a much harder sell for the core market that Ravensburger sells to.

    – GenCon is coming up and may be some pitch opportunities

    – Pegasus Designer coming up for other pitch opportunities too

    – When play testing always enquire about the replay value, if 3/4 of your testers would like to play the game again then it’s a pretty good fit for Ravensburger

    Also enjoyed the quote

    “We know not what we want, but when we see it we know it.”

    First pitch ever done, so super relieved and now to wait for that adrenaline to die down