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Dashboard Forums Game Design Mechanic in search of a theme Reply To: Mechanic in search of a theme

  • Emily Bekius

    August 23, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    Ok, thank you. So as of now your thought is that the person who actually completes the set gets the points, then those four cards from the table are discarded.
    If you wanted to keep your flower theme idea it makes me think of bees and other pollinators landing on a flower (the set of 4 cards) and taking/leaving pollen (swapping cards). When it’s all used up or pollinated (completed set) it’s not available for other bees anymore so it’s discarded. Maybe you would have multiple sets of 4 on the table at once.
    I do also agree that it could be perfect also as an abstract game without a theme.
    If you went with the city theme, I can picture the cards being parts of the buildings or roads being constructed. You would need to figure out why the sets are being removed thematically.. maybe you’re building blueprints or city planning and once you get a specific part completed it’s off your to-do list. Or maybe completed sets are worth varied points. Once a person completes one they immediately get to take the score for it. However that set could remain on the table and other players could continue changing it, in hopes to turn it into a set with a higher value. That would be like buildings being remodeled and upgraded. And roads being re-done.
    Lots of possibilities!