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Dashboard Forums Random Feature Request Reply To: Feature Request

  • Reuben Sonnenberg

    August 15, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    I might be nice to have pinned threads. Something like “Board Guidelines”. This would be for just clearly defining the kinds of topics that the board is intended for. The overall board descriptions are nice, but a little more definition with pinned threads is an added benefit. It can be a little intimidating for newcomers (e.g., “Does this topic belong on the ‘Game Theory’ board, or the ‘Game Design’ board?” It might also define where to look for answers before posting questions on the board. They might also have suggestions for how to title and formulate a topic thread for productive discussion.

    Are there designated forum moderators? I’m assuming there are a couple, but they would be able to help and author the pinned threads, etc. They would also be able to help identify conduct issues and define board rules (these are in addition to the general forum rules and guidelines).