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  • Emily Bekius

    July 14, 2021 at 10:40 am

    So do you think these types of games that focus on the importance of set/resource collecting, etc are contributing to people feeling the need to hoard objects in their own lives?
    And do you think if people play games that challenge these decision-making and sorting skills, (making it more difficult to do so) that they can develop better real life skills that would prevent them from hoarding? Or alternatively make it harder for them to make those decisions? I’m not exactly sure myself – just also thinking out loud…
    What if games would focus on the importance of letting things go? Understanding what is and what isn’t important… is that kind of what you’re saying?
    I think it’s a very fascinating thought. I would think games geared at children might be able to form more of an actual impact on them developing these skills for their adult lives.