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Dashboard Forums Work In Progress The Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss Reply To: The Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss

  • Chris Stone

    July 12, 2021 at 10:29 pm

    Great suggestions, Nicholas! The whole story is that the Professor has created a toxic vapor that turns people into zombies for his horde. When the Infection Engine is complete, it will pump this vapor over the entire city, so the smokestacks are the vents from which the toxic vapor will emerge. And while additional smokestacks don’t change the game state (other than inching closer to the 5-smokestack end-game trigger), there are other mechanics that ratchet up the difficulty as the game progresses. As you take the needed resources from the maze to destroy the Professor, he becomes increasingly alert and agitated, and causes the maze to change more and more wildly, to a fever pitch at the end. Hopefully you’ve used your actions to secure a route through the maze before it starts to turn beyond your control!