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  • Ru Nacken-van der Rest

    July 1, 2021 at 3:51 am

    You got it Arthur!

    If you have any other specific follow-up questions, let me know – I’m happy to help.

    Based on your google-doc I couldn’t really make out what the flow/order of things is, but I believe you roll a dice and then fill in a checkbox based on that number, and then you check which genes are responsible for that trait? In that case you might want to turn those checkbox-gene graphics around.

    Also, the second sheet does not make sense to me, since you are missing some cat-variations: where are the female XoXO types? I only see XoXo and XOXO. Also, I suppose with a Y gene not carrying info on orange/black trait, you actually have one less variation for male-cats no? Or is the XO gene dominant and will a female XOXo look exactly the same as a XOXO cat?

    About the missing cat-variant: you could do that with 2 dice rolls, once for each trait, and perhaps you can even put that info on the sheet itself, so you don’t need that extra helper-sheet: saves paper / table-real estate, and I think – with just 3 columns – you’ll have more than enough space to make it work on a single sheet. 🙂

    See my updated version based on your link / my thoughts: